by The Weave and the Weft

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Fictional stories about people I know, five of a kind, all in a row.


released June 17, 2011

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Hugh Tweedie.

Dendron Records 2011



all rights reserved


The Weave and the Weft Copenhagen, Denmark

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Track Name: or maybe not
it's time you made up your mind
you've been back and forth for days now
this bed feels like an open grave

and the bitterness'll fade quicker,
the sooner we swallow our pills
I'll let go if you will

I wish you'd just plunge the knife
my love's a river in a drought
and water always wants a way out

but all that floods through me now
are prayers for release
for the cold tide to tear me free

on the doorstep we pretend
we'll see each other soon
when we both know in lucid hearts
chances are few and getting fewer

it's late and God i'm tired
the dark is at my door
I need my bed, and to forget you
and to die a little more

on the way down I'll let you off
we'll go our sundered ways
then it hits like a drunk driver
these days will never come again

and what walks from this wreckage
crooked and awry
can ne'er more be coupled
except to live beneath a lie
Track Name: trying too hard
this girl will fuck you for life
your fingerprints on the knife
and when you reach for her to spoon
only dead air fills the room

so you hug her goodbye as the 10:34 alights
all that bloomed in the balmy night wilts in the morning
you can put all your wet dreams to bed
fold your thin arms 'cross your chest

I don't want to take nothing from you
and you never ask me out
and all conversations must die one day
one's always trying too hard
and now you don't try at all
so why's it you even hang out with me?
Track Name: cut to the chase
if this is the beginning
tell me where will it end?
why won't you hold me tighter, closer to your heart?
cos it don't feel like we're winning
feels like we're headed for a fall
and no one here wants to catch us

you might come home to find me crying
but you don't have to dry my tears
cos I'm crying for our love that's dying
howling for a heart torn away

and we will fall apart
as we always seem to do
Track Name: begone
get out and stay out of my head
don't hang around snooping on what you gave up
now I finally kicked the habit
how can I lose it if I never had it?

take off in the night with your lover, be his bride
bold as bright brass in the moonlight, tail high
as I melt into shadows, inside a storm
a ship foundering in the shallows

why does every day feel like the end of everything?
am I the bit part?
out of the story now
and then you say she hasn't left yet,
but the floor underneath my feet is starting to tilt now,
tilt her away from me