When the Walls Fall

by The Weave and the Weft

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released January 1, 2010

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Hugh Tweedie.
Thanks to David F. Drost for curating.

Dendron Records 2011



all rights reserved


The Weave and the Weft Copenhagen, Denmark

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Track Name: stumbling blinking from the labyrinth
If you took me from the rat race
would I even last a day out there?
I’d stumble blinking from the labyrinth,
out into the road and under a bus

So before you liberate me, think on this:
I was raised in captivity
and my blackened lungs would choke on the clean air
and jones for the smog and the smoke

When are you going to get over yourself?
Stop letting things chase you like that and spook you
like some lame horror film victim,
stop giving in to the phantoms

But I’ve always been afraid,
scared even to step out my front door
so they took me and carried me bodily,
and I kicked and screamed, scratched and struggled
Track Name: tickled black and blue
I pray the rain will come and wash the pollen from the air
and lay the wand’ring souls to rest in the bosom of the earth
and calm the carnal carnival floating by drunk
on the sap, on the season, sharing my bed

Now they’re in me, and they’re the boss of me now
always in the corner of my eye, sharp like splintered glass

For as a boy I had shunned the shires and the meadowland
I did not know then how I jilted a friend
and now they claw inside me, blind me, and madden me
seed sown in the sky brings tears to my eyes

Now they’re in me, and they’re the boss of me now
always in the corner of my eye, I’ll get no sleep again tonight
Track Name: weed and grass
Storywise songbird, I hope your song will be sung by your grandchildren. Hungry tired wolf, you got to do what you do for to feed your young.

Weed and grass grow through my ribcage,
wethers tramp and graze by my bones,
cloven hooves glance off my temples,
while the gambolling lambs, they haven’t a care

Dark-tinted girlfriend, can’t you offer some solutions, don’t just paint it black. Discontent companion, won’t you just take it easy one night out of nine.
Track Name: vargr í véum
It’s only two shakes of a lamb’s tail since I first crept in here
and it’s already time I should be moving on
All I’m asking for is a quick breather
but this rich man’s posse don’t play that way
Tear me limb from limb, scrub from now till doomsday
still you’ll never wash the blood away
Hound me to my grave, tear it open, desecrate it
you give no quarter then expect it in return
Wear my pelt as a scarf, carve trinkets from my bones
still you’re ugly as sin outside and in
Have your fun while you can, you coward with your lynch mob
you’ll spend eternity running like the wretch you are
Track Name: awayday
I saw young peacocks strutting,
showing off their feathers,
while the bikers in their leathers
went bombing down to Brighton.
Where, wearing bespoke-tailored breeches,
the mods fought them on the beaches,
as on any other day
on the English Riviera.

As love and life conspire to take your youth
right down to the air you breathe
and every day a piece of you dies.
So you spend your nights on streets in fights
you barely walk away from
and when you wake up in the rain
don't be so surprised
now even the sky
seems to despise you,
you who are no more a

young peacock strutting
showing off your feathers
to the peahens hid in the heather,
who fall back on feminine discretion,
and with a face like sodden turf,
downtrodden, sunken, wet and hummocked
you walk the long walk back home
no longer trusting the cracks in the river ice.
Track Name: when the walls fall
Now the sky is fallen in and there is no shelter left
in this scarred and ragged hinterland

And I huddle in the waste of ash and snowdrifts
a land left for dead, its ribs jut out through eroded hillsides

And there’s a devil on the bluff, he peers through the dusky day
scans the charcoaled earth for refugees

Like seldom sheafs of wheat in a sea of husks, of chaff
threshed by a stubborn hand and ground to dust by a heavy millstone

I’ll wait for the stars to fade, then I’ll lay her down to sleep
in the bosom of the early morn

And then one day I’ll fall through a hole in the net
and I’ll end up a bum, down on my luck

And sound the faintest of cries, would you even notice?
as thin as these walls and floors have always been

When they take from me my home
like it never really was mine to call my own

The day it all goes to shit, and I go down too,
a wreck on the deck of a scuttled old hulk

When it finally happens, when the walls will all fall,
my body will be buried till my bones are naked and bare
Track Name: black moon
Hare looked up and spied the moon,
a crescent thin as gossamer
The kittens’ bright young eyes lit up,
its like they’d never seen

Beneath a black moon I will hide my skin,
down in the earth far from the eyes of men
Under leaves and sky I will raise my kin,
and there I’ll lie down when my time is done

Hind legs thumped on earthen drum,
the warren hummed, an old head growled
“Beware younglings, lest you misread
the warning in the heavens.”